Municipality symbols

Preiļi Municipality Coat of Arms

On March 28, 2012 Preiļi Municipality coat of arms was confirmed. Its heraldic description tells that Preiļi Municipality coat of arms has a black raven in a golden field on it; on the left side behind the raven is a green four-leaf clover leaf. The raven in a golden field has been preserved from Preiļi town’s historic coat of arms, but four-leaf clover leaf depicts municipality’s four rural territories. Vladimirs Ladusēns has worked out the coat of arms.

Preiļi Municipality Flag  

On April 26, 2012 Preiļi Municipality Council’s deputies affirmed the draft of the new Preiļi Municipality flag. In compliance with the Council’s decision, the flag is a square fabric in dark green color in which centre colorful Preiļi Municipality coat of arms is depicted; its height is 3/5 from flag’s width. Flag’s width to height ratio is 1:2 and its dimensions can be 1m x 2m or 1,5m x 3m.

Preiļi Municipality Slogan

Preiļi county – place where to return.

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