About the municipality

Preili Municipality – it is the legacy of the counts Borchs, with the wonderful Preili Park, the complex of the castle and the symbol of wisdom – raven in the coat of arms of the municipality; it is the land of Rainis young days Jasmuiza, with the chattering river and soul-welling nature.

“Preili is a town full of moods and charms,” wrote the well-known artist Helena Svilane – Kuzmina. A lot of heartfelt words to Preili and its surroundings devoted our poet Janis Gurgons.

We are pleased that Preili Municipality is becoming neater every day, and people of Preili town and all four rural municipalities are feeling better and are able to realise their goals and ambitions.

People of Preili have always raised their municipality in the sun – with the sparkling dances of children, the sonorous songs of the men and women, the famous Preili cheese Cedars and every well-done job. We are trying to make our municipality pleasant to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and our guests.

By preserving cultural and historical treasures and promoting economic development, Preili Municipality has become known also outside the borders of Latvia. We have gained a lot, our self-confidence has grown, so we are open and hospitable to host close and distant guests in Preili Municipality.

You are welcome to Preili Municipality – place, to which you want to return!

Pēdējās izmaiņas: 05.10.2022.