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Photo: Anatolijs Jakovlevs

Preili Municipality includes: Preili town, Aizkalne Rural Municipality, Peleci Rural Municipality, Preili Rural Municipality and Sauna Rural Municipality.

The municipality was established on October 24, 2000 by uniting Preili town, Aizkalne Rural Municipality and Preili Rural Municipality. In 2009 Sauna and Peleci Rural Municipalities joined Preili Municipality.

Preili Municipality area of territory: 364,41 km2

  • Preili town 5,2 km2;
    • Aizkalne Rural Municipality 73,3 km2;
    • Peleci Rural Municipality 84,2 km2;
    • Preili Rural Municipality 79,3 km2;
    • Sauna Rural Municipality 122,4 km2.

The majority of the municipality area is occupied by: agricultural land – 56,8%, forest land – 26.6%, swamps – 4.8%, land under water – 2.7%, land under roads – 2,5%, shrubs – 2.4%, land under buildings and courtyards – 2.1%, other land – 2.1%.

Number of citizens in the municipality (Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data on 01.07.2020): 9 605.

  • Preili town: 6 576;
    • Aizkalne Rural Municipality: 525;
    • Peleci Rural Municipality: 660;
    • Preili Rural Municipality: 998;
    • Sauna Rural Municipality: 846.

National composition of the population (Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs data on 01.07.2020):

  • Latvians: 6 465;
    • Russians: 2 587;
    • Belarusians: 104;
    • Poles: 118;
    • Other nationalities: 331.

The economic base of Preili Municipality is composed of 687 (Lursoft data on 18.08.2020) enterprises, of which 273 are farmers’ holdings.

The production and processing of agricultural products, light industry – manufacturing of knitted and crocheted products and textiles, freight transport, woodworking, meat processing, tourism, as well as the supply of various services and retail trade in food products and clothing are developing successfully in Preili Municipality.

The development of dairy farming is promoted by the successful work of “Preili Cheese” Ltd. “Preili Cheese” Ltd is one of the largest dairy processing companies, the largest producer and exporter of cheese in Latvia. The company employs up to 300 employees. The company is the largest employer, the largest exporter (95% of the output is exported), and it is the company with the largest turnover in the municipality.

The second largest employer in the municipality is the Danish/Latvian company – the manufacturer of knitted or crocheted products – “VS Teks” Ltd, while the third – overclothes’ producer “Firma JATA” Ltd. Both companies employ more than 100 employees. The companies are working with the support of Scandinavian investors.

Preiļi – Place for Investments! (PDF) 

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